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LED lights with M12 connectivity

27 April 2016

As part of an on-going development programme on M12 related products binder has now introduced a range of LED lights with M12 connectivity.

The first ever non-connector range from binder, the Series 976 exploits all the advantages of LED technology – high efficiency, low heat emission, resistance to shock and vibration, long life and low voltage – to provide a versatile and highly effective range of lamps.

Series 976 provides a combination of regulation and monitoring via bus systems and M12 connectivity. Protection to IP69k makes them ideal for wet environments as found in the machine tools, food processing and other industries where harsh environments are encountered.

The binder LED range offers three 20mm diameter lights with lengths of 250, 358 and 412mm with lighting lengths of 170, 278 and 332mm respectively. The angle of light radiation provided is 120° with a light yield of 48lm/W.

The three sizes have 60, 96 and 114 built-in LEDs and provide illumination of 95, 152 and 227lux and a luminous flux of 227, 380 and 569 lumen respectively. The power ratings are 5.7, 9.1 and 13.6W with a power input of only 235, 375 and 562mA.

Lightcolour is 4,000k(nw) (3 Step Mac Adam) and the operating temperature range is –25°C to +60°C. Protection is provided to IP67, IP68 and IP69k and product life is 50,000 hours. The supply voltage is 24VDC.