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Lower overheads & operational costs

01 August 2016

When the directors of Peterborough-based panel builders, Pneumatechnique, were looking to improve efficiency and offer better production consistency they turned to Rittal and its automation systems for switchgear construction.

Pneumatechnique’s aim was to find ways to lower both overheads and operational costs. 

One of the main issues the company faced was the underemployment of their highly skilled labour force. This had become obvious during an evaluation of work practices that considered how they were meeting customer demand, and how the company in turn made demands on production as an “internal customer”. 

“The interesting point is, that in conducting the review, we became commercially aware of the overheads and the opportunity costs inherent in our working practices and where savings could be made,” says Jim Venters, managing director of Pneumatechnique. “There is no advantage in employing a highly qualified workforce to do basic tasks like drilling holes, which is what was happening.”

Following a detailed assessment and recommendations made by Rittal’s expert team, the decision was taken by Pneumatechnique to install a Rittal Automation Perforex CNC machine. 

Rittal’s team was able to advise on both the benefits that would be realised by installing the system, and potential limitations.  It was quickly identified that the capital expenditure could clearly be outweighed by the cost savings and the Perforex installation became a “no-brainer” as part of the investment project. 

Adam Wilson, production manager at Pneumatechnique, says: “The Perforex System has improved the quality, consistency and speed of our output, which has obviously been hugely beneficial for customers. A project that was taking four hours can now be completed in just 20 minutes and with a better finish! 

“There are many other benefits too. Quality and con-sistency is guaranteed and a batch is always the same.  Whether it be one panel or 100, we are confident every single one will be identical.

“Specials and one-offs can now be delivered as standard, providing options and flexibility to the customer. And we can now do it all in-house for them in one operation. Our productivity improves the delivery timescale not just to the customer, but to us an internal customer too.

“This project has seen a lot of investment not only in money but in time; it has involved a great deal of hard work. The final result is an excellent fit for us and we are now offering customers something they can’t do.”