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Orders up post Brexit vote

04 January 2017

Manufacturer of compressed air handling and purification equipment, Hi-line industries, is reporting its most successful period ever following the Brexit referendum vote, with turn-over to year-end in July growing at a record 28%. Orders have since continued to increase at strong levels particularly on large projects.

Hi-line is witnessing a growing number of companies in Europe using the currency fluctuations to their advantage by buying British. However, from the UK too, there is growing demand with an increasing number of British brands trying to support other national manufacturers by placing orders in the UK, says the company.

The company is part of the Made in Britain campaign and, wherever possible, also chooses to source wholly British materials to build its flagship compressed air purification equipment.

As a result, following a strong recruitment drive in December, Hi-line is taking on more engineers and office staff in January to help with the increased demand for their air dryers, adsorption dryers, nitrogen/oxygen generators, filtration equipment and condensate management technologies that 2017 will bring.

Hi-line’s UK headquarters are situated in Burton-upon-Trent, a traditional brewery town in the heart of the UK with great transport links. In fact, Hi-line supplies a lot of compressed air purification technologies to breweries in Burton and the rest of the country, from micro-breweries to international operations.

Hi-line makes some of the most energy-efficient compressed air dryers in the world, and has an enviable reputation for manufacturing the most energy-efficient range of bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ heat regeneration zero loss adsorption dryers. Furthermore, the company’s N2 and O2 generators are recognised as the best value for money in the UK food and beverage industry.

A member of the British Compressed Air Society and carrying ISO 9001:2008 certification, Hi-line has further established their reputation for the innovative design, manufacture, supply and installation of energy-efficient compressed air purification equipment. As Britain’s largest stockist of a broad range of air treatment ancillaries – and largest supplier of refrigeration air dryers – the company’s products are designed and built to the highest standards of quality by experienced and qualified engineers.

Utilising the latest 3D CAD software design tools, alongside ongoing investment in staff training, Hi-line has both the technology and expertise to develop innovative products. In fact, such is the company’s confidence in its high quality workmanship and materials that a five year warranty is offered.

Hi-line also offers a nationwide service department, managing the compressed air requirements of customers across the UK so that they can concentrate on their core business. The service department boasts some of the country’s most experienced compressed air treatment service personnel, all of whom are ACRIB-registered engineers trained in all aspects of compressed air and gas generation.