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Compressed air purification

06 October 2014

The HBP (Hi-line Blower Programme) range of adsorption air dryers are manufactured in the UK and feature zero loss operation as well as touch-screen technology. They are supported by a service network which provides full UK coverage with trained engineers.

A dewpoint of -70°C can be achieved with these products without compressed air loss, and the thermally efficient vessels feature Stucco Rockwall cladding for maximum efficiency. The generous sized vessels comply with PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) 97/23EC, with stainless valves and pipework utilised as standard.

Desiccant regeneration, with automatic vessel changeover, is achieved using low tariff energy, the waste heat from steam or oil, and the heat by-product of compression.

AEMS (Automatic Energy Management System) is incorporated to provide constant analysis of operating parameters and making appropriate adjustments to maintain the optimum operating efficiency.

The touch-screen interface provides a permanent display of digital dewpoint, pressure, cycle stepping time together with heater and electrical displays. Remote dial-in control via mobile phone or laptops ensures that maximum operating efficiency is achieved to maintain the lowest possible running costs at the highest performance levels.

Pressure vessels conform to British/European standards, BS EN 5500 and ASME VIII, while the manufactured products provide compliance with the EEC machinery directive, conform to the 17th edition IEE regulations and are CE marked. Installation and commissioning costs are incorporated in the selling price, together with a one-year parts and labour warranty.