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Energy efficient air dryers

01 May 2023

HI-LINE'S latest Tundra range of refrigeration air dryers is its most energy-efficient to date, helping companies reduce costs, remain competitive and boost their green credentials.

Tundra refrigeration air dryers are reported to outperform rival technologies in energy efficiency by minimising pressure drop and lowering absorbed power. The principle of operation is direct expansion, which offers a notable advantage over thermal expansion dryers, namely a far more stable dew point of +1°C at all load levels. This stability contrasts greatly to thermal expansion dryers, where dew points can range from +3°C to +20°C. Importantly, this stability in no way compromises performance: Tundra refrigeration dryers deliver continuous dry air that satisfies ISO 7183 industry standards.

One of the secrets behind the energy-efficient Tundra series is the improved and patented single-cell heat exchanger, which delivers highly efficient heat transfer at low energy costs. In essence, pre-cooled air enters the all-aluminium heat exchanger module while post-heated air departs, supporting a reduction in the energy consumed by the chiller circuit.

Another energy-saving attribute of the Hi-line’s Tundra range of refrigeration air dryers involves condensate removal. A link between the microprocessor controller and the condensate removal valve ensures minimum loss of compressed air during condensate discharge, again saving energy. This function is fully programmable in line with climatic and seasonal conditions.

A variable-speed fan is among further energy-reducing technologies that help to drive down bills. Fan speed is adjustable via the multifunction control panel, providing users of Tundra refrigeration air dryers with improved process control, increased power factor and significant energy savings.

Controlling the fan speed on the refrigerant circuit also presents the opportunity to eliminate components such as fan pressure switches which, over time, can sometimes become defective in compressed air dryers. The less moving parts, the more reliable the product.

Providing a robust and highly reliable build quality is a priority at Hi-line. For instance, following significant company investment, all Hi-line Tundra dryers now feature Scroll Freon refrigerant compressors, which offer the lowest possible power consumption and deliver cost-effective, long-life performance. The refrigerant system also takes advantage of liquid receivers, line dryers, thermostatic expansion valves and a series of safety features to protect the Freon compressor and its parts. In short, the design of Hi-line’s Tundra range centres on engineering specification, rather than budget.

As a point of note, Tundra dryers take advantage of R513a refrigerant in models up to and including Tundra 115 (115 cfm, 195 m3/hr capacity). A HFC/HFO blend, R513a refrigerant has no ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and a much reduced CO2 impact in comparison with the previous R134a refrigerant.

Tundra refrigeration air dryers with capacities up to 1530 cfm are available ex-stock from Hi-line’s centrally located headquarters and manufacturing facility in Burton upon Trent. The company also offers larger and higher pressure dryers (up to 40 bar) on short lead times.