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Reliable cables for industry

03 July 2017

In the production industry, energy chains help protect moving machine cables and hoses from tensile and torsional forces, as well as external influences such as impact or welding sparks.

To predict the service life reliably, igus operates the largest test lab for cables moving in energy chains in the industry (2,750 square metres). To characterise the resilience of products, they undergo continuous operation test in 58 different rigs. Since the exact reproduction of the real working conditions is crucial, numerous test axes are available with different travel distances and accelerations or environmental conditions.

For testing large energy chain systems, such as those used in crane facilities, an outdoor test site with a travel distance of up to 240 metres is available - here products can travel at 4 m/s and with a fill weight of 8 kg/m for a total lifetime of 25,000km.

igus also tests its products in temperature conditions from -40 to + 60˚C using its two climatic test chambers - unlike standard cold winding tests, in which cables are wound up on a mandrel and cooled to the test temperature conditions just once - here the cables and chains are put under appropriate test temperatures and realistic motion conditions.