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igus goes into the blue

23 April 2013

Energy chain and cabling specialist, igus UK, has launched two new blue products for the food processing industry in the form of easy-to-detect energy chains and anti-microbial cables.

Even in the most modern production lines, machine failure and damage cannot be eliminated, and being able to detect foreign materials quickly in food is vital. igus has designed a detectable polymer energy chain using a special plastic material, igumid DT. As a result, spherical particles of the blue material as small as 1 mm can be detected in fragments passing at speeds of 20 m/min by standard metal detection systems.

This provides peace of mind to food production managers, that in case of machine failure, no part of the energy chain will enter and contaminate the food chain. igumid DT is available for the E2/000 and E4.1 series energy chains.

igus has also introduced a new hygienic version of its chainflex cable designed especially for use in moving applications in the food and drink industry, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria, viruses and mould.

Typically, many cables get their anti-bacterial properties through coating, however, this can wear off over time due to the permanent movement in the energy chain.  igus’ blue cable is said to be more reliable than the alternatives as its anti-microbial properties are contained throughout the composition of the jacket and emitted over a long life time to restrict the growth of micro-organisms.  The new material has successfully passed the international tests for anti-microbial activity and effectiveness in line with ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801.