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Electrical positioning systems made easy

18 October 2017

With Festo OMS technology, it is now quick and easy to select, connect, and configure electric drive solutions. Sourcing all control chain elements, mechanical and electrical, from one supplier ensures an integrated solution with easy connectivity, guaranteed system performance and compatibility.

Festo offers a wide range of motion solutions, from simple positioning to high-end servo electrics. Our overall approach is to focus on the needs of the machine builder. We want to make it quick and easy for designers to select the various components and understand their combined performance and overall costs.  We do this by supplying all mechanical and electrical elements in the control chain needed to make the solution work.

Benefits of using the OMS electric drive package

  • Speed to design, thanks to our free software selection tool
  • Modularity in terms of connectivity options to fieldbus systems
  • Fast to quote customers with different fieldbus options – no need to redesign whole electric drive system, just change the fieldbus node
  • Fast delivery – one week
  • Performance guarantee of the system – proven in the software
  • Cost effective technology (including closed loop stepper appropriate for many applications)
  • Simpler process - one supplier, one order, one purchase number, one delivery

To simplify your next electric drive application, Warren Harvard, Product Manager for Electric Drives at Festo, discusses the challenges facing machine builders and what can be done to simplify the selection, connection and configuration of electric drives solutions.

Watch the video here to find out more.