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Strength, speedy cure & durability

09 January 2018

Among the products to be highlighted at Southern Manufacturing by Henkel, the newly introduced range of LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders feature Henkel’s patented hybrid technology to achieve bond strength, speedy cure and durability – performance qualities that historically, claims the company, have not been available from a single product.

Structural bonding allows materials to be selected for their respective performance qualities rather than their compatibility with the joining method; plastics, metals and composites can be freely combined.  The adhesive also creates uniform stress distribution across the entire bond face and as the join is relatively invisible, the aesthetics of the product are considerably enhanced. Henkel’s hybrid technology adds value by combining these benefits with high bond strength and super-fast fixturing and cure speed.  

Since their introduction earlier this year, LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders have proved their ability to improve assembly applications, streamline process steps and bond materials in applications with difficult requirements.  And playing a considerable part in their success has been Henkel’s ability to provide the optimal dispensing equipment for the task.

Unlike other adhesive manufacturers that subcontract the manufacture of dispensing equipment or refer the customer to a dispensing ‘partner’, Henkel builds its own systems. This ensures the dispensing system is designed with the benefit of an in-depth knowledge of the adhesive’s characteristics and performance. The result is the supply of a turnkey solution that is truly fit for purpose and for which the customer has a single point of contact.

Underpinning these latest developments is Henkel’s wider LOCTITE, BONDERITE, TEROSON and TECHNOMELT product ranges that continue to benefit the entire value chain. Whether the task is in system building, assembly or repair, these engineering adhesives, sealants and functional coatings improve performance and cut costs.

Southern Manufacturing visitors will also be able to get expert advice on a variety of applications such as thread locking, sealing, gasketing, retaining, instant and structural bonding. Stand H165