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Absolute linear encoder now with universal SSI interface

07 November 2019

Leine Linde’s RLA 4200 series absolute linear encoders now include a universal SSI option as well as the original EnDAT™ interface. With scale length options up to 260 mm, this precision positioning component is particularly suited to heavy duty industrial applications and is fully supported in the UK by Mclennan.

Leine Linde absolute linear encoder now with universal SSI interface: Increased range of robust linear encoders now available from Mclennan  

Leine Linde’s RLA 4200 series absolute linear encoders include the measurement specialists’ well proven inductive scanning technology that provides high resistance to shock loads, vibration and extreme environmental conditions.  Originally with an EnDAT™ interface and now offered with a universal SSI option, the robust and durable measurement technology is particularly suited to precision position feedback for heavy duty industrial applications. Available with full support from Leine Linde’s UK distribution partner Mclennan, the RLA 4200 series includes scale length options  140, 200 and 260 mm with accuracy to within +/- 2 microns and linearity to + 5 microns per metre.

Impressive environmental specifications such as shock to 10 g, vibration to 200 g and operational temperature range from -10˚C to + 80˚C combine with encapsulated electronics in a robust IP67-sealed anodised aluminium housing - ensuring suitability for heavy industrial  machinery position feedback tasks such as roll gap and length control measurement in steel mills and similar metal processing industries. Absolute encoder technology also has a benefit with immediate position feedback on start-up rather than the need for datum routines.

With straightforward mounting via adjustable feet, the compact encoder is easily installed for use with hydraulic systems without the need for complex in-cylinder assembly. Custom lengths and other mechanical modifications are possible to ensure customer’s requirements. The SSI interface option brings plug and play set-up with this widely used protocol whilst installation flexibility further extends to PROFIBUS®, PROFINET®, EtherNET/IP™ and other industrial interface options through Leine Linde’s gateway system.

Mclennan also offer Leine Linde 4000 series linear encoders in an incremental output version with similar scale lengths - where the robust analogue linear encoder signal is converted into digital incremental output. This allows the possibility to include monitoring of the sensor data via a gateway  along with LEDs, alarms, and other diagnostic functions, and furthermore can also offer full PROFIBUS connectivity for absolute position, diagnostic data, and online system configuration. Variants for the 4000 series include a stainless steel housed RLI 4300 linear incremental encoder with added durability for progressively demanding environments.

As Leine Linde’s UK distribution partner Mclennan also supports the Danish manufacturer’s complete range of ruggedised rotary encoders, sensors, and system electronics for industrial applications. Mclennan combines its own design and production capability with distribution partnerships with major motion control equipment suppliers where individual components or complete servo motor and/or stepper motor based integrated motion systems including positioning mechanics and automation software can be supplied and fully supported. Specific information on the Leine Linde encoders and Mclennan’s comprehensive range of motion control products available at www.mclennan.co.uk, by email sales@mclennan.co.uk or by calling +44 (0)1252 531444.