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High power density in compact frame

26 June 2023

JVL HAS launched the MAC320-L integrated brushless DC motor, which doubles the power of its NEMA 23 frame Mini-Mac series in a compact, high torque density, all-in-one positioning solution for OEMs.

Available with full application support in the UK from motion specialist, Mclennan, the MAC 320-L delivers 320 W RMS/750W peak from its 48V DC drive electronics and includes two servo feedback options – an 8192 CPR magnetic incremental encoder or a new generation 8192 CPR magnetic absolute multiturn encoder where no battery or gearing is required.

A choice of expansion modules include industrial Ethernet with a choice six protocols, CANbus, PLC process or RS232/485 interfaces with D-Sub, cable gland or M12 connectors. For further application flexibility, users can select options for Safe Torque Off (STO) input, external front brake, and/or planetary gear interfacing. Furthermore, the integrated motor is also available with IP42 or IP67 environmental protection as well as an IP67 stainless steel housed version for use in hygienic process applications.

At just 80mm in length and with a diameter of 50mm, the compact NEMA 23 frame MAC 320-L features an 8mm diameter shaft to handle its higher torque and power.

JVL’s all-in-one integrated motor concept has the significant benefit of minimal machine wiring and for this new series MOSFET technology has been built into the drive to enable higher efficiency and improved motor cooling whilst better motor performance and lower noise is aided by an advanced FOC filter.

The MAC 320-L series is firmly aimed at precise positioning rather than speed control applications as its increased torque-to-volume ratio will produce a higher cogging effect that may be less favourable for exacting speed regulation. Mclennan can of course offer many other JVL integrated motor solutions that will perfectly deliver precise speed control.

Like other JVL MAC motors, control options for the new MAC 320-L series can include direct voltage or pulse + direction or analogue 4-20 mA input for position, speed, or torque control from a central motion controller. Otherwise, users can select real-time industrial Ethernet protocols including EtherCAT, Sercos III, PROFINET IO, POWERLINK and Ethernet/IP for synchronised multi-axis motion control. Other fieldbus protocols include CANopen, DeviceNet, and Profibus.

JVL’s MacTalk universal PC software takes care of programming, set up and troubleshooting, allowing different Ethernet protocols to be modified in-situ or even changed by firmware upgrade. The easy-to-use tool also manages ActiveX controls where Visual Basic, C++ and .Net application development is required. For stand-alone machine control, an easy-to-use icon-based graphical programming environment is available that writes embedded PLC programs and requires no PLC programming experience. Motion commands are available for relative or absolute movements, jumps, IF statements, timers, calculations, and many other functions. By interfacing the MAC320-L with an HMI, operators can enter, adjust, and monitor all application parameters.

Mclennan has successfully represented JVL in the UK for several years, supplying and supporting the Danish manufacturers comprehensive range of integrated stepper and servo motor products. With its own in-house design and build capability and similar distribution partnerships with other globally important motion control components and systems suppliers, Mclennan works in partnership with its customers to bring competitive motion-centric automation solutions as part of a complete project fulfilment service, whether for single components or for complete motion control systems including software, training, and on-site installation.