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Alarm system performance KPIs webinar

29 May 2018

M.A.C. Solutions, developer of the ProcessVue suite of alarm management software, is hosting an educational webinar on ‘Alarm System Performance KPIs’ on 13th June 2018.

The webinar session will be hosted by Lieven Dubois, Principal Consultant at Manage4U and a leading international authority on alarm management.

To register to attend the webinar, please visit www.processvue.com

Alarm System Performance KPIs have been in existence since the release of EEMUA 191. The Bransby & Jenkinson survey conducted in 1998 concluded that one alarm per ten minutes was considered very likely to be acceptable. However, since then, these KPIs have been starting to live their own lives. One alarm per ten minutes was quickly translated to six alarms per hour. Upon its release in 2009, ISA 18.2 stated that about 150 alarms per day would be acceptable as a KPI. In 2014, IEC 62682 states around 144 alarms per day would be a good target value. ISA 18.2 (2016) omitted this KPI completely, along with two other KPIs. The webinar (and accompanying white paper) will explain why, including why one alarm per time frame cannot be translated into so many alarms per hour. 

Webinar topics include how to specify realistic KPIs; the role of the operator(s); the danger of averaging; the dangers of multi-tasking; and specifying meaningful (and achievable) values for your specific operations as KPIs in your alarm philosophy.

The webinar should appeal to a wide range of process industry plants, particularly Upper and Lower Tier COMAH-regulated or FDA-regulated sites. These include oil & gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power stations, food processing and water companies. It doesn’t matter what the customer’s process is or what type of plant-wide control systems they have in place. If there is a need to manage and resolve alarm issues on site, the webinar can offer useful advice and guidance.

Alongside the webinar series, M.A.C. Solutions will be running a number of comprehensive alarm management training courses in 2018. For more information, please visit www.processvue.com or telephone MAC Solutions on 01527 529774 or email sales@mac-solutions.co.uk