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Bosch Rexroth adds linear motor modules to portfolio

28 May 2024

OFFERING HIGH speed and precision in a compact form, the new linear motor modules (LMM) from Bosch Rexroth are available in axes sizes of 140, 180 and 220 and feature a zero-backlash direct drive. They complement the existing linear motion technology portfolio as a ready-to-install solution offering excellent value for money.

The linear modules are available in all sizes with iron-core linear motors. The sizes 180 and 220 are also available with an ironless motor. This opens up a wide range of applications with standard strokes of up to 1540mm and forces of up to 2400N. At speeds of up to 5m/s and with accelerations of up to 250m/s2, the LMMs achieve repeatability of ±1.0µm. These performance figures allow very short cycle times – an important consideration for the production of electronic and optical components, semiconductors or in electromobility. Typical applications include high-precision pick-and-place tasks, handling electronic components or automated optical inspections.

The high efficiency of the new linear motor modules is partly due to the integrated screw-free direct drive which replaces mechanical power transmission. This significantly increases dynamics and mechanical efficiency and allows great repeatability. At the same time, the modular design of the ready-to-install LMM reduces the installation effort. The new linear motor modules also reduce maintenance costs, on the one hand due to the maintenance-free linear motor and on the other hand due to the high-quality, long-lasting ball rail systems with long relubrication intervals.