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Roba-linearstop Gets Dynamic Brake Approval

27 September 2012

Most linear braking elements available today can only be applied to static axes and work purely as clamping units. Following extensive testing, it is reported that Mayr’s ROBA-linearstop has now received formal approval to be used as a dynamic brake in addition to its existing holding brake approval.

ROBA-linearstop is a spring applied, pneumatically released brake operating under the fail-safe principal, that is suitable for integration into new or existing applications. Braking force is provided by applying spring pressure to a conical surface, which clamps the collet on to the brake rod.

To gain approval the brakes were switched statically one million times load free and one million times in a fully loaded condition. Then, at every thousandth switching, the brakes were switched dynamically to arrest a moving load. In fatigue tests the ROBA-linearstop achieved 30,000 dynamic applications under maximum load which far exceeds the legislative requirement of 1000 applications.

The units are offered in four sizes delivering between 1.5 and 40kN of retention force, and provide backlashfree braking in either direction on axes operating at up to 2m/s. The brake is released pneumatically at 4 to 6 bar dependent on the configured braking force.