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Tritex II™ AC Powered Actuators

15 February 2013

Industry’s Most Compact All-In-One Linear & Rotary Motion Actuators

Dramatically Reduce Space Requirements

Tritex II actuators are the highest power density, smallest footprint servo drive devices on the market. Finally, you can incorporate a fully electronic solution in the space of your existing hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. Youcan also eliminate troublesome ball screw actuators or bulky servo gear reducers. And the space previouslyconsumed by panel mount servo drives and motion controllers is no longer needed. Tritex II actuators may also reduce the size of your machine design while offering significant reliability improvement.


Reduce Costs

Because the AC powered Tritex II unit houses the servo drive, digital positioner and actuator all in oneconvenient package, you eliminate the labor costs for mounting and wiring the panels. Cable costs are alsosignificantly reduced by eliminating the need for expensive, high-maintenance specialty servo cables. All that isrequired is an economical standard AC power cord, and standard communication cable for digital andanalog I/O. Also eliminated are the issues associated with power signals and feedback signals traveling long distances from servo drive to servo motor. With the Tritex II, the servo drive and motor are always integratedin the same housing.


No Compromises on Power, Performance or Reliability

With forces to approximately 4000 pounds (18 kN) continuous and 10,000 pounds peak (44 kN), and speeds to 33 in/sec (800 mm/sec), the AC Tritex II linear actuators also offer a benefit that no other integrated product offers - POWER! No longer are you limited to trivial amounts of force, or speeds so slow that many motion applications are not possible. And the Tritex II with AC power electronics operates with maximum reliability over a broad range of ambient temperatures; -40˚C to +65˚C. The AC powered Tritex II actuators contain a 1.5 kW servo amplifier and a very capable motion controller. With standard features such as analog following for position, compound moves, move chaining and individual force/torque control for each move, the Tritex II Series is the ideal solution for most motion applications.