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Self-contained actuators

16 December 2022

PROVIDING the best of both worlds, Bosch Rexroth's self-contained actuators have been designed as plug-and-produce modules – they require no central hydraulic power unit and are commissioned and operated like electromechanical axes.

With their variable-speed pump drives, they offer reductionin energy consumption of up to 80%. At the same time, they use all the physical benefits of hydraulic systems such as power density, robustness and overload capacity.

As ready-to-install modules, self-contained actuators make construction much easier. With their closed decentralised circuit, they require no central power unit. As a result, no pipework whatsoever is needed. Both the CytroMotion linear axes for the power range up to 6.2kW and CytroForce for higher power ranges are designed as modular plug-and-produce units. The SHA modular system for servo-hydraulic axes also allows customer and sector-specific solutions to be created on the basis of standard components.

With their standardised interfaces, the self-contained actuators fit into all typical control architectures. Commissioning requires no specialist knowledge of hydraulics. Once the power and communication cables have been connected, technicians commission the self-contained actuators using the same software tools that they use for electromechanical axes. Software assistants guide them logically through the various processes and suggest suitable parameters. As a result, the axes can be commissioned in less than 20 minutes.

End users benefit from much improved energy efficiency, even with higher power requirements. Depending on the cycle characteristics, variable-speed pump drives reduce the energy consumption of hydraulic systems by up to 80 percent. As part of a pilot project involving a drawing press, the Technical University of Dresden demonstrated that the energy consumption of the die cushion could be reduced by up to 40%. In addition, the CytroMotion and CytroForce self-contained actuators reduce the fluid quantity by up to 75% and produce average noise emissions of less than 75 dB(A).

When it comes to availability and reducing servicing requirements, the self-contained actuators from Bosch Rexroth set new standards. They combine the power density, robustness and overload capacity of hydraulics with the benefits of the digital transformation. Sensors detect operating states while the integrated CytroConnect software converts the data into usable information. With the three levels MONITOR, MAINTAIN and PREDICT, Bosch Rexroth covers a wide range of scenarios – from a data visualisation solution for the current machine status for mobile end devices on site to a rule-based condition monitoring solution and even a predictive analytics service for carrying out predictive maintenance.