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Collaboration aims to boost UK robot adoption

02 May 2023

THE MANUFACTURING Technology Centre and HowToRobot have announced a partnership aimed at increasing the adoption of robots among manufacturing and warehouse businesses in the UK.

The collaboration will bring together HowToRobot's global automation marketplace and the MTC's expertise to connect businesses with the right automation solutions and suppliers.

Mike Wilson, chief automation officer at the MTC, said, "We want to give the manufacturing industry a helping hand with figuring out what automation solutions can best help each business become more productive.”

Any UK-based business considering automation can get free help with finding solutions and suppliers as part of the collaboration. The business simply describes what needs to be automated on HowToRobot’s platform. Suppliers will then reply with tailored proposals on possible solutions. The business can consult with experts from the MTC to help specify their needs and get automation advice, including how to develop solutions that are not yet commercially available.

Søren Peters, CEO of HowToRobot, said, “Many businesses struggle with getting started on automation because they don’t have an overview of the many robot technologies and solutions that exist today. With our knowledge of over 16,000 suppliers and MTC’s technology experts, we can help them find the solution they need.”

Wilson said that businesses in the UK still have largely untapped potential for automation. Compared to the global average, British industry still has few robots in operation. Speeding up the adoption of automation technologies is highly necessary.

“Adopting automation at all levels of manufacturing in the UK is necessary for us to continue competing effectively as a manufacturing powerhouse globally and countering the ongoing labour shortages,” he said.

By tapping into HowToRobot’s platform and MTC’s expertise, businesses can quickly get an overview of their automation options without having to do market research on their own.

Businesses can get started with exploring their automation options by either submitting their request on HowToRobot’s platform for free or contacting them via hello@howtorobot.com.