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Cycloidal gears for machine tools

30 April 2020

Nabtesco, the world’s largest manufacturer of cycloidal gears, offers efficient, high-tech solutions for machine tools. The gearboxes feature high precision throughout the life cycle, high torsional rigidity, and high reduction ratios, increasing machine efficiency.

Their special construction of Nabtesco's gears makes them very rigid and robust; they are also capable of high reduction ratios in a compact design. The advantage of a high reduction ratio is a very low moment of inertia between the application and the motor, improving the control quality of the motor and reducing the risk of vibrations in the drive train. The results are highly dynamic positioning operations, with no backlash. This reduces auxiliary times and increases the efficiency of the machining process.

Whether for CNC machines, machining centres or flexible production cells, Nabtesco offers the right gear solution for every application. The high torsional rigidity and long-lasting precision of cycloidal gears can help to minimise tool changes, for example. Another important application is in loading and unloading systems, where Nabtesco can use its experience in robotics to good advantage. For example, the special robotic gear solutions from Nabtesco help engineers to develop systems that enable simultaneous loading and unloading during production time.