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Digital pressure sensors white paper

08 April 2021

LEADING SUPPLIER of sensor, industrial control, power management and electrical protection solutions, Sensata Technologies has published a new white paper – The Advantages of Digital Pressure Sensors in Industrial Applications – that explores when and why it is best to use digital pressure sensors in industrial applications and what types of features can help increase system safety, efficiency and reliability.

Pressure sensors are used in a variety of industrial applications, ranging from hydraulics and pneumatics; water management, mobile hydraulics and off-highway vehicles; pumps and compressors; air conditioning and refrigeration systems to plant engineering and automation. They play a critical role in ensuring system pressures are within acceptable ranges and help to ensure reliable operation of the application. There are different advantages to using analog and digital pressure sensors, depending on the installation and system requirements.

Though there are still installations where using analog pressure sensors make the most sense, there is a growing number of applications in Industry 4.0 that benefit from using their digital counterparts. From EMI resistance and scalable networking to sensor diagnostics and data protection, digital pressure sensors enable remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, increasing the efficiency and reliability of the system. Robust sensor designs that feature specifications such as IP69K ratings, additional data integrity checks and extensive onboard electronics for EMI protection will help prolong service life and reduce potential signal errors.

The whitepaper is available for download here and Sensata is offering also a complimentary functional sample of its new PTE7300 digital pressure sensor which you can order here