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How precision motors empower IoT

19 September 2018

Sensata Technologies has published a new white paper that explores the development of next generation motors in the context of the disruptive growth of the Internet of Things (ioT) and Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing.

Entitled ‘How advanced precision motors empower the IoT and Industry 4.0’, the white paper explains how the advent of rare-earth magnets and advanced brushless DC motor (BLDC) motor design has empowered motors small enough to fit into confined spaces, powerful enough to do real work, and efficient enough to be used in wireless or remote applications.

Sensata Technologies’ Walter Smith, the author of the white paper, writes that the pressure to make products that are both highly functional yet cost-effective means that an electronic engineer must draw the optimum performance out of every system they design.

High performance BLDC motors can provide the levels of performance and economy that today’s demanding applications require. This includes applications ranging from the appliances in a smart home, to self-propelled IoT devices, to industrial shop floors to ‘down hole’ in oil and gas drilling and extraction operations.

The new White Paper is available free to download at www2.sensata.com/bldc-motors-wp