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Doosan Robotics launches six new cobots

27 July 2020

Doosan Robotics is introducing six new collaborative robots; four models from the A-SERIES and two from the H-SERIES.

The A-SERIES, which has achieved the industry’s best speed and affordability, is comprised of four models, A0509, A0509s, A0912 and A0912s, and offers payload range of 5kg to 9kg. Each model features advanced safety algorithms that protect human workers, and meets the highest level of safety standards set by an accredited international testing & certification organisation TÜV SÜD. Also, the equipped mountable force torque sensors enable the A-SERIES cobots to provide the versatility required by many applications such as polishing and assembly.

The H-SERIES models offer 1.7m reach and up to 25kg payload, which is the heaviest payload among currently available cobots in the market. Comprised of two models, H2017 and H2515, this high-power lineup weighs only 75 kg, half that of other comparable robots with the same payload. Also, equipped with six torque sensors on all six axes, the H-SERIES provides the dexterity and flexibility required in a variety of applications, in particular logistics and automotive.

“The new A-SERIES and H-SERIES will set a new standard with distinctive advantages such as best-in-class speed, superior performance and outstanding price competitiveness,” said Sangchul Kwak, CEO of Doosan Robotics. “Doosan Robotics will lead the growth of the smart factory industry in the post-pandemic era and drive the momentum of new vertical markets in service, logistics and manufacturing.”

Doosan will ship its new cobot models through its global sales network from this August.

For information visit https://www.doosanrobotics.com/en/Index