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Enhanced autoclavability for surgical applications

01 May 2023

THE B2010A4 and B0810A1 brushless DC slotted motors are the latest additions to Portescap's surgical motor solutions portfolio.

Leveraging the comapny's expertise in developing sterilizable solutions for surgical hand tool applications, these motors are designed to withstand more than 1000 autoclave and medical device dishwasher cycles. This is possible due to the improved encapsulation of the windings, which enhances the motors’ autoclavability.

The B2010A4 (Size 20) bone mill surgical gearmotor features a 50mm diameter; according to Portescap no other motor supplier offers a sterilisable motor in such a large frame size. The motor’s six poles and full metal gearhead allow it to achieve a high peak torque of 15Nm while simultaneously providing a continuous, slow rotation for bone mill and bone crusher devices.

With a 20mm frame size, the B0810A1 (Size 8) multi-tools surgical motor fills the gap between Portescap’s existing Size 6 and Size 9 SMS motors, making it an ideal choice for device miniaturisation. The four-pole design enables the Size 8 to provide 20% more torque than competitive solutions within the same package size, and its lightweight mass of 110 grams facilitates longer working times for surgical hand tools and decreased surgeon fatigue.

Both the B2010A4 and B0810A1 provide much-needed design flexibility for those within the surgical application space. As its name would suggest, the Size 20 is an ideal choice for bone mill surgical devices, while the Size 8 excels in liposuction, skin grafting, and small bone drill applications.