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Future technologies receive government cash boost

14 September 2020

THE GOVERNMENT has extended its Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, to help develop solutions to some of the biggest global challenges, including climate change and tackling diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Technologies such as EV high-performance batteries, advanced medical treatments and robotics have all been earmarked for the £65m funding.

Some £15m has been be allocated to enable universities, research organisations and businesses to build robots to inspect, maintain and repair nuclear power stations, satellites and wind turbines. The robotics technology will also be used to address problems that have been highlighted during the pandemic by, for example, developing units that can operated remotely and make contact-free deliveries or move hospital beds.

Nearly £44m will be put towards helping develop the next generation of high-performance batteries for electric vehicles and wind turbines, which could also be used for new technologies such as electric aeroplanes. The funding will also be used to complete a first-of-its-kind UK Battery Industrialisation Centre, in Coventry, West Midlands, creating 100 high-skilled jobs. Organisations across the automotive, rail and aerospace sectors will have access a unique battery production facility combining manufacturing, experimentation and innovation.

Andrew Tyrer, challenge director for Robotics for a Safer World said: "I am delighted that the government has provided an extra £15 million funding to help academics and businesses bridge the gap to: complete on-going deliverables set against the Robots for a Safer World Challenge, and also; utilise knowledge gained to the benefit of new sectors, ahead of this Autumn’s spending review."