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Vertical air receivers

11 May 2022

FOR ANY company looking to improve the life and energy efficiency of its compressed air system, Hi-line Industries now offers its range of class-leading Vertical Air Receivers from stock at competitive prices.

Vertical Air Receivers are a type of pressure vessel that receive air from the compressor and hold it under pressure for future use. Storing compressed air allows the system to average the peaks in compressed air demand over the course of a shift, delivering steady air flow. The air in the tank is even available when the air compressor is not running.

Importantly, Hi-line’s Vertical Air Receivers can reduce the load/unload cycles on the system compressor, potentially extending its service life and reducing maintenance/repair. In addition, introducing an air receiver tank markedly improves the energy efficiency of a compressed air system, typically by reducing any wasted compressed air from excessive sump blowdowns and lowering the pressure requirements for the air compressor and air network. All of these benefits contribute to lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Four sizes of Hi-line Vertical Air Receiver are in stock at to suit virtually any application: 300, 500, 1000 and 2000 litre variants. Immediate shipping or collection is available from the company’s UK headquarters and manufacturing facility, which is centrally located in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, with excellent access to the motorway network.

A core component of Hi-line’s Vertical Air Receiver is the company’s Activated Carbon Tower, which contains either zeolite minerals or carbon to suit the suit the application. Activated Carbon Towers adsorb contaminants like oil vapour and odour, making them an increasingly popular addition to compressed air circuits, particularly in sectors that demand high purity levels, such as food and beverage, oxygen/nitrogen generation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. It is possible to achieve “technically oil free air” without the expense of an “oil free” compressor, which in some applications is a requirement e.g. food and beverage, pharmaceutical etc.

All of the Vertical Air Receivers in stock at Hi-line are PED compliant to 2016/68/EU and powder-coated in compressed air blue (RAL 5015). Built by robots to ensure consistent, high-quality welding, the vessels are extremely robust in design and come with a 10-year warranty. 5mm plate and fittings are present throughout the build, ensuring that the Vertical Air Receivers are double the weight (pro rata) of standard catalogue vessels.

Hi-line’s Vertical Air Receivers offer 11 bar working pressure. However, the company can manufacture high-pressure vessels up to 400 bar, as well as customised tanks and vessels in any colour or design code in line with customer requirements. Hi-line can also supply the vessels with or without fitting kits to suit individual preference. Gauge and drain are included, along with a safety valve to suit the operating pressure.