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IO-Link master with OPC UA interface

02 March 2023

THE SMART combination of the IO-Link sensor interface and the OPC UA communication protocol in a single device gives Pepperl+Fuchs new opportunities to offer complete, seamless, and transparent communication 'from the sensor to the cloud'.

Continuous data communication from the lowest sensor/actuator level to the cloud is becoming increasingly important across the entire industrial environment. For the logistics sector in particular, where adherence to deadlines is a key requirement, it is essential to know where packages are located, how long processing will take, and where potential plant malfunctions can lead to delays.

The IO-Link sensor interface represents the first step toward this level of transparency. In addition to process data from the sensor, IO-Link provides information for identifying, configuring parameters for, and diagnosing the sensor. Combining IO-Link and OPC UA now allows this data to be easily transferred to higher-level computer- or cloud-based systems.

This is the second and most decisive step toward complete data transparency since the data is accessible beyond the central control system. Decision-makers can now access the data without the need for complex workarounds. Pepperl+Fuchs is reported to be the first provider to combine IO-Link and OPC UA in one device, thus creating new opportunities for the digital future of its customers.