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Making the change to decentralised I/O

06 September 2021

Mills CNC uses Murrelektronik’s decentralised IO system Cube 67+ on its SYNERGi Automated Manufacturing Cells, bringing benefits in terms of simplified wiring and reduced cabinet size

Established in Norwich in 1974, today Mills CNC’s core business is split between the supply and service of Doosan Machine Tools and its Automation Systems division, specialising in the designing and delivery of industrial and collaborative robots systems and solutions to manufacturers.

As the Mills CNC Automation business grew, so has the company’s requirements for innovative electrical components and systems, which is where the relationship with Murrelektronik comes into play, as Chris Ingham, controls & systems engineer, explains: “The addition of the Automation Systems division presented us with a wealth of new opportunities. Our aim was to make automation more accessible. Our systems are flexible and powerful, but what sets us apart is that our automation solutions are simple to understand, program and operate.”

What sets us apart is that our automation solutions are simple to understand, program and operate

“We needed a partner that understood the advantages of our automation solutions and could provide the electrical systems and components for these cells that enhanced productivity. Whilst also keeping to our core aim of making automation more accessable for our end customers.”

Continuing, Ingham,says: “When Paul Hughes, Murrelektronik sales engineer, initially came to see our SYNERGi Automated Manufacturing Cells, it was obvious he was an expert in his field of electrical connectivity, but he also had a clear understanding of our business too. At the time we were using a range of different electrical products from a range of suppliers inside the control panel including IP20 I/O. Our cabinet size was dictated largely by the requirement to house the IO. Paul helped us rationalise this, simplify the wiring and thus reduce the wiring time.”

Murrelektronik’s solution was to use Cube67+ to decentralise the IO points out of the cabinet and abolish all the complex wiring issues. A more bespoke installation was needed as Mills CNC SYNERGi systems offer multiple options for their customers, so the system needed to be both flexible, and be compatible with a Fanuc Robot Controller. “At this point in the system design, it is a huge advantage to have the expertise of the Murrelektronik Applications Engineers,” says Hughes. “To be able to help our UK customers with this additional technical know-how is a great advantage for Murrelektronik customers,"

“Our customers tell us that this extra support is a game changer, giving them the confidence and reassurance that the solution is the best fit for their application and that our applications engineers can also help with any teething issues further down the line.” 

The switch to Cube67+ I/O system was relatively simple, and with most of the IO now being in the field, it meant the control panel size could be reduced, the wiring became more efficient, and the commissioning would be streamlined when locating any issues because the input or output is now localised to the IO.

Back-up & recovery

Although it might sound expensive, replacing the whole system is not as costly as it would appear. Due to the core of every machine being the same, repetitive simple tasks are very easy to complete. Due to the back-up and recovery options on the webserver, 10-20% of the software work is only completed once, and due to the number of options available with Cube67+, there is no redesign needed when switching to different customer specified pneumatics manifold. There is even an optional upgrade for any system to make industry 4.0 easy to implement by the Cube 67+ diagnostic gateway upgrade.

“I would urge anyone to have an open mind when it comes to decentralised I/O. Changing the system is far easier than you might think,” says Hughes.

As the majority of the Mills CNC customer base require many bespoke additional features and options, Cube67+ is flexible enough to meet all requirements. Easily expandable as required, Cube67+ is an excellent addition to the Mills CNC SYNERGi system as it allows for true flexibility across the entire system. For example, expanders for additional IO, beacon stacks or IO-Link devices can be included to ensure that cross system communication is not lost.

A whole host of additional expanders can be easily integrated at a later stage, so should the end customer’s requirements change, then the system can be added to with modular add-ons. Cube67+ is characterised by its single cable technology, carrying internal communications as well as input and output power, reducing the amount of cabling and containment required. With Cube67+’s integrated circuit protection and fault diagnostics contributing to the SYNERGi systems Industry4.0 performance, Murrelektronik and Mills CNC can ensure maximum light’s out production with excellent up-time and minimum downtime.

Another advantage for Mills CNC was that with new pluggable connectivity, either M12 or M8 connections, the chances of wiring errors are reduced considerably, and should there ever be a problem with a cable, the Cube67+ system allows quick change out of the now shorter IO cables as the expander can be positioned close to the individual IO devices.


Key Points

  • Use of Murrelektronik’s Cube67+ decentralises  IO points out of the cabinet and eliminates complex wiring issues on automated cells
  • Options available with Cube67+ mean there is no redesign needed when switching to different customer specified pneumatics manifold
  • Expanders for additional IO, beacon stacks or IO-Link devices can be included to ensure that cross system communication is not lost