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Premium Power with Preventive Diagnostics

21 January 2016

Murrelektronik's Emparro 3-phase power supplies allow you to create a power management system to match your needs. They are remarkably reliable and extraordinarily efficient. The newest addition to the Emparro 3~ family is a 40A model that also has a preventive diagnostic function.

This function notifies the user when the time has come to replace the power supply. The notification is given just in time: not too early to ensure a long operating time, but not too late, avoiding lengthy troubleshooting time and cost-intensive failures.

When the signal is given, no immediate action is required. Replacement can take place during the machine’s next regularly scheduled maintenance. This puts the focus on action rather than reaction.

Monitoring for Results

The preventive diagnostic function is made possible because the unit monitors several different parameters including inner temperature, operational load, the number of start-ups and the components' life. When the optimum time to replace Emparro 3~ 40 A is reached, this information is forwarded to the control via an easy-to-integrate alarm contact.

Emparro 3~ at a Glance  

Emparro 3~ power supplies are available in 5, 10, 20 and now, 40A models. Integrated reserve power makes it possible to use Emparro 3~ with ambient temperatures of up to 45°C with 20% overload. Hence the 40A becomes 48A. This reserve power can be used for system expansions. Emparro 3~ is very compact and offers additional boost functions for starting high loads. It comes with push in terminals that make installation quick and easy. Emparro 3~ is the only 40 A power supply on the market with these maintenance-free terminals.


"The preventive diagnostic function is unique and real highlight. Emparro 3~ 40A is an important tool for knowing when schedule service work and keeping downtime to a minimum," says Manuel Senk, product manager.

For more information visit shop.murrelektronik.co.uk or contact Murrelektronik on 0161 728 3133. It is also possible to view the product video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQVbNh6-Hos