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NSK ball screw wins Monozukuri Award

30 January 2020

NSK was presented with the ‘Encouragement Prize’ for its DIN-standard ball screw at the prestigious Advanced Monozukuri Parts Awards 2019. The award committee recognised the ball screw’s excellence in speed and quietness, as well as its potential to enhance accuracy and efficiency in machine tool applications.

Aiming to emphasise the importance of Monozukuri (the technological prowess, know-how and spirit of Japan's manufacturing practices) and further boost the development of industry and society, Advanced Monozukuri Parts Awards are granted to notable products that play a key role in the sector.

NSK’s DIN-standard ball screw won the Encouragement Prize as a result of its capability to provide feed rates up to 100 m/min, the highest for a deflector-type ball screw. This speed leads to faster machine tools and, subsequently, reduced cycle times in machining operations, saving money for end users.

Another factor favoured by the judges was decreased noise levels, which at just 4 dB(A), are lowerthan those offered by conventional NSK deflector-type ball screws.

In bestowing the award, the judging panel also considered the benefits available to the wider manufacturing world, not just within Japan. To explain further, by taking advantage of the compact form factor unique to deflector-type nuts, NSK created the product in line with DIN standards. By complying with DIN standards, the ball screw is able to meet the requirements of a wide range of customers in Europe.

Besides high speed and low noise, there are many more design attributes that differentiate NSK DIN-standard ball screws in the marketplace. For instance, the analysis and simulation of ball behaviour during development led to smoother ball circulation within the nut. This attribute helps machine tools to cut quality parts with higher levels of accuracy.

The Advanced Monozukuri Parts Awards are supported by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Tradeand Industry, as well as the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Founded in 2004, the awards focus on six principal areas: machinery, automotive, electric and electronic devices, environmental equipment, health and medical devices, and daily commodities.