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New language for controllers

28 April 2021

MAXON AND ZUB (a maxon company) have created a new easy to learn, programming language.

Maxon offers speed and positioning controllers, as well as master controllers. The multi-axis master controllers provide a cost-efficient and compact interface between a higher-level control system and the motion control system.

ApossIDE (Integrated Development Environment), used for programming the master ZUB MACS controllers, has been translated into the basic C programming language, making it more accessible and easier to use.

The new language, ApossC, allows complex positioning and synchronisation functions to be executed with simple commands, running autonomously as background tasks. All MACS controller components can be programmed freely and flexibly, so drives can accurately perform motion profiles. This gives faster results and significantly reduced development times. The newly introduced MiniMACS range of controllers take advantage of this and have the option to be used as standalone devices.

Aposs IDE is licence-free automation software for all multi-axis controllers from maxon/ZUB which provides application-oriented programming. A comprehensive tool used for programming, testing and debugging motion control functions on all MACS devices. It is now ready and available to be used in maxon’s new MiniMACS range.

ApossIDE features:

  • Freely Programmable with C Syntax
  • Smart Oscilloscope with data recording up to 24 kHz
  • Graphic Curve Editor for creating and editing path trajectories
  • Hierarchical state machines
  • Interrupt Handling
  • Kinematics support
  • Offline programming with a simulator
  • SDK Software Development Kit with programming examples
  • No hidden licence costs of fees.


ApossIDE and the SDK Software Development Kit can be downloaded here.