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New small parts warehouse shortens delivery times

05 August 2021

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has put its new automated small parts warehouse into operation. With more than 70,000 storage spaces, it is the largest automated warehouse system in the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group. Customers and subsidiaries are set to benefit from the new logistics capacities through shorter delivery and assembly times.

The automated small parts warehouse has an area of 6,600 square metres and extends over 44 levels. The intelligent solution was developed by the Austrian KNAPP AG: 44 shuttles transport product carriers with a weight of 50 kg and dimensions of 60x40 cm, and can perform up to 900 putaways and removals per hour.

In addition to the automated small parts warehouse, a narrow-aisle warehouse is located in the new halls, providing 4,400 pallet spaces as well as a goods receipt and shipping area. Material packaging is also located here from now on.

At the opening ceremony of the automated small parts warehouse, NORD managing director, Ullrich Küchenmeister, thanked all those involved for their great commitment which made the timely completion possible in the first place: “Even the corona pandemic and a small weather-related flood couldn’t change anything about this.”

Employees from a wide range of NORD departments were involved in the planning of the small parts warehouse – from logistics to IT to facility management. Due to the pandemic, the opening ceremony was held in a small group. It was also attended by the other NORD managing directors Jutta Humbert, Dr. Omar Sadi, Jens Paulsen and Gernot Zarp. The first putaway was performed by Carolin von Rönne: She is a member of the NORD founding family’s 3rd generation and joined the company in autumn 2020.