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Next generation stepper motors

31 August 2022

INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION has expanded its product offering to include a new generation of two-phase stepper motors. The NEMA 23 stepper motors of the Sanmotion series offer significant improvement over previous generations of motors, achieving higher torque performance, therefore improving machine speed by shortening the positioning time and machine cycle time, says the company.

The motor efficiency has been improved, contributing to reducing power consumption of machines and the motor’s heat dissipation. The new models are low noise, reducing the overall noise level of machines.

Typical applications include medical devices, industrial equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, conveying machines, and index table driving. The motors are offered with a range of options such as bipolar or unipolar winding, with connectors, shaft flats or keyways. Further options such as gearbox, encoder, brakes are available for customisations.

“With the launch of the new series, we are pleased to be able to offer to our customers an even more comprehensive line of brushless DC electric motors,” says Ajay Karavadra, Managing Director of Intelligent Automation. “The new NEMA 23 stepper motors were developed with high torque, low noise, and energy saving in mind – and all this at a competitive price.”

Intelligent Automation is a UK-based distributor and stockist for motion control and industrial automation products. The product range includes HMIs, motion controllers, brushless and brushed servo systems, brushless DC motor systems, 2/3/5-phase stepping systems, AC induction systems, and spur and planetary gearboxes. The company has been serving customers in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe across diverse industries since 2007.