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Quick assembly in limited space

31 August 2018

Thanks to angled geometry, the new screw-in variants of the Han 3 A connectors from Harting are engineered to be space-saving and flat, for use on machines, control cabinets or terminal boxes.

The external thread on the connector with lock nut supports quick and uncomplicated assembly. The angled connector element can be swivelled in all directions and even be rotated through 360°.

The new housing components are characterised by a slim external geometry and optionally use a M20 or M25 thread for the connection. The housings are compatible with the existing Han 3 A series of inserts and meet the requirements of protection classes IP65 and IP67 by using an O-ring flat gasket, which is included in the delivery.

In addition to the standard version in grey, other variants are available: an EMV version and a Han M variant for increased corrosion requirements, among others. Only a circular cut is required for assembly. Installation effort has been reduced in comparison with the existing mounting variants of the Han 3 A with rectangular cut-out and at least two mounting holes. By affixing using the supplied lock nut, the mating direction can be adjusted and, if necessary, quickly changed again.