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Reduce costs with Q360 Energy Survey

30 June 2022

THE CURRENT energy crisis is hitting businesses hard. Fortunately, Quantum Controls offers a solution that can save you thousands – and all without you spending a penny!

We believe in a "try before you buy" approach and can come to your site and investigate where power is being wasted with our Q360 Energy Survey.
We have for many years offered a more in-depth solution by backing up these surveys with hire trials, whereby you get black and white results with regards to the energy savings available.

Our Q360 Energy Survey looks at all aspects of the site surrounding the use of VSDs and power quality, considering all impacts the equipment can have on the site, and looking at all avenues of potential risk and rewards available, with or without the need to purchase new equipment.

We will do a full day’s audit split into 5 main sections, integrating all of the key areas such as:
1. Power Quality
2. Asset Integrity
3. Asset Optimisation
4. Energy saving upgrades
5. Observations and Recommendations

It will also bring all sections of the report together, in that we will consider the impact on Harmonics and power factor that the recommended VSDs will have, we will also offer guidance on where we feel the biggest benefits will be found and prioritise the actions recommended.

Take your first step into reducing the costs of your plant the planet and ensure you’re operating effectively by getting in touch today at service@quantum-controls.co.uk or +44 (0)1661 897332 and book your no-obligation free trial.