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Five reasons to use a modular enclosure system 

26 October 2023

FOR INDUSTRIAL operations, panels and switchgear play crucial roles, and to ensure they comply with standards while delivering the necessary functionality, innovative solutions, such as CUBIC modular enclosures from Rockwell Automation, are the perfect solution.

Modular and versatile

The CUBIC modular system provides numerous possibilities for the construction of tested panels. With the modular system, choosing electrical components is entirely up to you. The versatility regarding width, height, and depth means that the panel can be designed to suit its place of installation and ensures simultaneously that the panel can be modified or extended.

Flexible solutions

A modular structure in hybrid and process manufacturing allows manufacturers to develop and build flexible motor control solutions suitable for multiple applications and industries. The modular idea delivers versatility to end users who can choose power components from any supplier when planning their electrical panel construction.

Regulatory advantages

The systems are tested by DEKRA according to IEC/EN 61439 to a short-circuit level of 120 kA for 1 sec and a peak withstand current of up to 264 kA. With CUBIC’s specially developed assembly bolt, drilling holes or cutting threads is unnecessary. The assembly bolt allows for an adjustable connection, exactly where it is needed on the busbar holders. All busbar joints are designated as maintenance-free according to DIN 43673.

Time-saving software

The Galaxy Design program is ideal for your project, from design and project management to logistics and delivery. Galaxy provides the time-savings you need for any size project with a modern interface and easy-to-use drawing and design tools. Galaxy eases the design for all electrical switchboards and motor control centers built with the CUBIC Modular System.

Tailored training

The CUBIC Global Training Programme is a unique training program for panel builders, design engineers, and others associated with constructing switchboards and customized enclosures. The program is built to optimize and develop skills based on theoretical and practical training modules that convey significant knowledge of international standards, type testing, and practical design of switchboards.

Keen to know more? Download the eBook here: https://www.rockwellautomation.com/en-gb/products/hardware/CUBIC-modular-system.html#gate-fce7d474-fc2a-4dc7-9762-05c417e00f11