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Schurter expands Romanian plant

10 July 2023

SCHURTER HAS announced the opening of the expansion of its production site in Romania. SCHURTER Electronic Components s.r.l. has over 20 years of experience in the solutions, EMS and EMC sectors.

The expansion of the site in Romania was launched in February 2022 with a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony. The ambitious project included the construction of a third building, which was connected to the existing facilities. This allowed the operating area to be expanded by an impressive 2000m². The newly gained space houses state-of-the-art EMC production facilities, first-class logistics infrastructure and modern offices.

With the completion of the expanded facility, Schurter has reached a milestone. The production site is now independent and has an operational purchasing department and its own logistics center. This development has led to an increase in the number of employees, making Schurter a major employer in the region. Over 300 employees are proud to be part of a company that develops and manufactures pioneering products.

Schurter's management emphasises the importance of the expansion in Romania as an investment in the future of the company. This strategic decision underlines Schurter's commitment to always offer the best possible service to its customers. With the expanded plant in Romania, Schurter is well equipped to successfully meet the challenges of the constantly evolving electronics industry.