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Ultra-compact SIL shaft encoder

07 July 2020

Inside the standard 58mm size of the SIL shaft encoder CD_582+FS from TR-Electronic is a true absolute multi-turn double rotary encoder system with integrated safety evaluation that outputs error-protected data.

Depending on user requirements, the rotary encoder is available in versions meeting the highest safety level SIL3 or PLe, or adapted to SIL2/PLd applications. The ultra-compact SIL shaft encoder is suitable for a  variety of mounting situations: For solid shaft, keyway and key provide the form closure required for reliable connection between application and encoder.

CD_582 features the standard modular system as TR-Electronic's 'Generation 2' absolute shaft encoders. Almost any application can be met using the standard flange variants. This version can be implemented with two all-magnetic scans if extreme or changing temperatures pose a risk of condensation, such as in wind turbines. The diverse optical/magnetic scans offer increased precision.

The latest profile generation for the PROFINET encoder profile (V4.2) and for PROFIsafe (V2.6.1) in basic and extended mode provides a platform for an integrated and secure automation solution. Up to four rotray encoders simultaneously supply up to four safety controllers with position and velocity data at a bus repetition rate of 3ms. The non-secure channel works even faster.

The same values are transmitted every 1ms, fast enough for real-time capable position control. The actual value output can be synchronised to the bus for minimal jitter. Extended possibilities of the underlying PROFINET are also available for safety-oriented devices, such as neighbourhood detection for the exchange without any programming system, up to 3x faster start-up on voltage recovery and the media redundancy protocol, which greatly increases availability by simply ring closing a segment.

It is possible to operate the CD_582+FS in compatible mode if you already use an existing model CD_75: The latest safety shaft encoders from TR- Electronic even enable new applications due to the more compact design while using the well-known and proven software modules in the control system.

The CD_582+FS can be applied in accordance with the current basic and execution standards to an axis, a system module, or a machine with safety functions wherever a standard 58 mm shaft encoder has been used. In principle, the CD_582+FS fits wherever the non-functionally safe CE_582 and CM_582 could be installed. With CD_582+FS, safe and secured automation is no more a matter of installation space.