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Universal Robots powers robotic kitchen

22 February 2021

UNIVERSAL ROBOTS has announced a partnership with Moley Robotics, the creator of the world’s first robotic kitchen. Moley has chosen Universal Robots' collaborative robot (cobots) arms to provide the dexterity and accuracy needed the world’s first consumer robotic kitchen. Moley’s robotic kitchen was unveiled to the consumer market on 6th December.

Moley’s robotic kitchen is designed to allow customers to enjoy a wide-variety of healthy dishes, no matter how busy they are. Each kitchen integrates two Universal Robots’ cobot arms, to allow the system to mimic human movements, and carry out the complete array of programmable cooking processes.

“I’m sure Moley’s robotic kitchen will mark the beginning of a more autonomous home life. But for us at Universal Robots, it’s been great to see our collaborative robots being deployed in such an innovative way,” commented Mark Gray, UK Sales Manager at Universal Robots. “The ground-breaking work Moley is undertaking really illustrates the varied capabilities of our cobots. With the right programming they can be set to any task.”

The main components of the robotic kitchen comprise of robotic hands, engineered to learn from human movement, attached to two cobot arms. The system creates dishes from a database of hundreds of recipes, as well as having the ability to learn new recipes. The complexity of these recipes meant that 6-axis cobot arms were the perfect solution to complement the rest of the system – as ease of programming and the built-in safety measures means they are well suited to take on a wide-variety of different tasks.

CEO and Founder of Moley Robotics, Mark Oleynik said “The idea behind our robotic kitchen was to give our customers more control and freedom when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, no matter how busy their schedule is. Universal Robots’ collaborative robots were instrumental in bringing this idea to fruition, as the cobots were dexterous and user friendly enough to take on the varied demands of the cooking process.”