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Universal Robots launches new webinars

23 July 2020

Universal Robots is launching a new series of webinars, running from August to December, providing specialist knowledge on ways automation is meeting production challenges across a diverse range of sectors.

This latest webinar series is specially designed to shed light on how collaborative robots (cobots) can bring untold benefits to industries in transitionary periods. For example, in Coronavirus laboratory testing facilities, cobots are enhancing productivity and testing rates. In the electronics industry they are helping production line workers to socially distance and in EV manufacturing they are helping manufacturers to introduce automation to meet current and future demand.

Webinar topics cover:

  • 5th August, 11am (GMT) – Using Cobots to bring 3 instant benefits to the electronics industry (sign up here)
  • 9th September, 11am (GMT) – Using cobots to increase productivity in laboratory testing
  • 7th October, 11am (GMT) – Using cobots in the electric vehicle market where lower volumes of throughput doesn’t warrant full automation
  • 4th November, 11am (GMT) – Mobile Cobots – 6 axis arms mounted on Automated Guided Vehicles
  • 9th December, 11am (GMT) – Using cobots in the Pharma and Medical device sector.

Mark Gray, UK&I Sales Director, Universal Robots said: “During these complex times, we understand that our specialised expertise is crucial for sectors that are experiencing huge changes within their industries. That’s why we’ve made it simple and free to get access to our specialist knowledge concerning the practical applications of our cobots. Collaboration with businesses is the key to future-proofing the manufacturing sector, and ensuring sustainable growth.”