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Universal Use Relays are Smallest in Class

05 November 2012

Designed for universal use, Wieland Electric is launching a new range of safety relays that are only 22.5mm wide.

The new SNO 4083KM relays are suitable for most mechanical engineering applications, particularly special machine engineering or smaller serial machines.

SNO 4083KM relays are reported to be suitable for almost all safety functions, from conventional emergency stop and safety door monitoring and monitoring of electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) – type 4 (safety light curtain) – to the monitoring of pressure mats or coded magnet switches with open/close contact pairs. Additional functions such as a selective automatic or manual monitored restart of the safety function, synchronous time monitoring of 0.5 or 1.5 seconds for all two-channel applications, or the integrated Monoflop function for higher device availability make this new range a breakthrough in safety relays.

The smart diagnosis of the device operating state helps reduce downtime and supports economical machine operation, as well as the high operating capacity of the contacts and the wide temperature operating range of -25 to 65 ̊C. The SNO 4083KM safety relays are used for conventional safety tasks in mechanical and system engineering and applications in lift engineering (according to EN 81-1) or in controls for industrial combustion plants (according to EN 50156-1).

For increased safety, all of these applications are easily implemented without the user having to press a control button or connect additional configuration terminals. Wieland’s SNO 4083KM relays can be used in safety-oriented applications up to PLe/Category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1 or SILCL 3 according to EN 62061.