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Universal smart enclosure

12 February 2020

Leading manufacturer of precision engineered interconnection components and electronic enclosures, CamdenBoss, has unveiled its latest enclosure addition, the 1500 series universal smart enclosure. Featuring 45° angles, the new enclosure provides versatility whilst remaining in tune with the premium quality expected from CamdenBoss.

This enclosure brings with it one size and three colour options: black, white and grey. Further options include a solid or vented base that lend themselves towards specific applications such as room sensors, access control, lighting management or smart temperature devices. Moulded in a UL94-V0 material, the 1500 series comes with a top cover featuring a recess ideal for overlays, keypad membranes or digital printing; along with a base which can be attached to with the use of only a single screw for quick and easy assembly. Both halves are equipped with multiple mounting bosses at different levels to provide a design engineer with plenty of options when deciding on the position and layout of the PCBs.

The corners of the base have been cut to leave 45° angles, adding two more usable faces to the enclosure. By doing this, a variety of surface mounting options are possible, increasing the diversity of applications available. With the use of the well-developed mounting bracket, the enclosure has been designed to be used in the corner mounting orientation, dealing directly with issues that are faced within the industry for installers and designers. In some circumstances regular 90° walls cannot be guaranteed and this then creates problems. However, the 1500 series does not succumb to this issue and will mount in irregular walls without hassle. In addition to corner mounting the 45° mounting style also opens up avenues for tilted door entry systems such as keypads and biometrics or mounted above a door for motion entry.

Sold primarily as a kit, it has all of the necessary components to get you started, such as the 45° bracket and screws. CamdenBoss helps you get the most out of the enclosure with only the PCB design to worry about.

All of this has been engineered styled and designed around the market today, dealing directly with the issues and requirements that engineers are crying out for - and all at an incredible price. CamdenBoss also offer full in-house customisation such as digital printing, CNC cutting and coatings should you require them.
Ongoing support in the form of assembly and marketing videos highlight the many features and benefits that make the 1500 series the pinnacle of what can expected from this world class manufacturer.

All of this information can be found on the dedicated web page or individual SKU pages, alternatively the sales team is on hand to discuss any enquiries.