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X Series – designed to protect

12 July 2019

The X series range of electronic enclosures from CamdenBoss provide excellent protection to drive and control applications. The tough exterior and tonnes of features, complement its high levels of compliance to industry standards.

Tested for ingress to IP67 and impact resistance to IK08, the X series of heavy-duty enclosures are designed to protect, in even the most challenging of environments. High-grade polycarbonate and ABS options create an enclosure suitable for indoor and outdoor automation designs. Having this kind of protection at your disposal ensures nothing is going to become compromised, and panel systems can run without fail.

The X6 is most suited for use in cabling systems and junctions between automation instruments and control type electronics. Metric ‘knockouts’ provide for efficient installation of power cables. When fitted with the relevant cable gland, the enclosure’s IP rating is retained, allowing power conduit and data or signal cables to be fixed to suit ‘on site’ conditions.

The X7 provides increased protection through increased corner protection, also maximising internal space for instrumentation designs and control engineering. The internal space hosts multiple DIN Rail mounting points furthermore increased practicality. Large industrial drive and control units are made light work.
With the X8 a hinge and latch system are integrated to create a door lid, perfect for maintenance and control electronics. Ideally suited to DIN Rail mounted components, they are a flexible solution for machine to machine controls, interface equipment and industrial automation. The dual door accessory is designed to allow panel components such as buttons, displays and switches to be mounted directly onto it and then be mounted just below the hinged door.

For more information visit https://www.camdenboss.com/XseriesadvertCDA

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