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WIN an IIoT Starter Pack sponsored by Schneider Electric!

01 June 2018

Farnell element14 is partnering with Schneider Electric to offer you an All-in-one bundle of the latest IIoT enabled devices.

IIoT Starter Pack, highlights of which are the ‘STU’ 22mm mounting HMI Screen, market leading M251 Logic Controller and Software, Biometric finger print switch, Wireless and Battery less Pushbutton and Limit Switch, ATV320 ‘Book Style’ Variable Speed Drive and multiple cables / communications options to help you build an IoT based solution.

Schneider Electric will also be offering a heavily discounted package for a One Day Consultancy or Training option.

Full list of products included in the IIoT Starter Pack:
1x – HMISTU855 Magelis HMI
1x – TM3DM8R Modicon relay
1x – TM251MESE Modicon controller
1x – TM4ES4 Modicon network module
1x – XB5S5B2L2 Harmony biometric switch
1x – ZBRRA Harmony programmable receiver
1x – ZB5RTA3 Harmony push-button
1x – VW3A3616 fieldbus module
1x – XCKW131 limit switch
1x – A9MEM3150 Acti9 63A Watt-hour meter
1x – ABL8 RPS24050 Phaseo power supply
1x - ATV320U02M2B Altivar 320 AC speed drive
1x – BMXXCAUSBH108 cable
1x – VW3A8306D30 cable
1x – VW3E3001R005 cable
2x – VW3E3001R020 cables
1x – S1A2514702 pluggable connector
1x – SOMNACS41 machine programming software

Fill in the registration form for a chance to win the IIoT Starter Pack, worth up to £2290.

Watch this Schneider video to find the answer to the qualifying question!

Register now at uk.farnell.com/cda-schneider