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Industry 4.0 ebook

18 January 2021

FARNELL HAS launched a new ebook “The Industry 4.0 Interviews 2020” featuring the views of global experts from Festo, Omega, Molex, Pansonic and Scheider Electric on the development of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and related technologies. The ebook provides insights for panel builders, systems integrators and designers, industrial and electronic engineers, including those involved in maintenance and repair.

“Continuing advances in industrial automation and control technology, along with the increase in connectivity of devices through the IIoT, is enabling engineers and makers to use off-the-shelf hardware and software to create complex products faster and more easily than ever before,” says Simon Meadmore, Global Head of Interconnect, Passives and Electromechanical at Farnell. “We interviewed experts from some of the largest industrial systems and equipment manufacturers in the world to reveal how they use knowledge of their customers’ needs to deliver optimal solutions that increase productivity, improve efficiencies and achieve a decrease in maintenance costs. We are delighted that several influential leaders in this industry have given their time to this book and we hope the IIoT community will find their insights helpful and interesting.”

Topics covered within the ebook include an overview of the global IIoT market, insights on key products and tools to support the adoption and advancement of Industry 4.0 technology and predictions for the future of IIoT.  The ebook also offers valuable insights for those planning new projects to support the design and maintenance of industrial equipment, robotics, smart buildings and factories, including:

  • How being able to demonstrate the benefits of IIoT is key to overcoming reluctance to implement Industry 4.0 technologies into manufacturing facilities  
  • How concerns about security of data stored in the cloud can be resolved by  implementing the right comprehensive IoT security solutions
  • How industrial automation can start as simply as predictive maintenance to build a business case whilst increasing productivity and efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • The role Artificial Intelligence plays in the response and reliability of embedded systems
  • The shortage of experience in implementing truly cross-business systems which is hampering the implementation of IIoT.

Responding to the growth of increased automation in manufacturing, smart manufacturing and robotics driven by the IIoT, Farnell has invested significantly over the last 12 months to build a comprehensive industrial automation portfolio which includes the latest solutions from world leading suppliers including Omega, Festo, Omron, Mitsubishi Electric, Control Techniques, Schneider, ABB, and Siemens. Farnell’s in-stock industrial automation range includes 550,000 interconnect products, more than 400,000 passive components and over 100,000 electromechanical products.