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Smart voice solution

14 April 2023

NEW FROM AI processing specialist XMOS, xcore-voice is a complete voice solution built on xcore platform hardware, software and tools. The solution provides voice pipeline example designs using XMOS industry-proven audio front-end, incorporating far-field processing and support for third party ISV voice algorithms.

Freeing up the voice processing workload from the SoC, the versatile platform behaves like a voice processor that enables product designers to deliver voice interfaces quickly and cost effectively, while providing optimal audio quality. Turnkey example designs within the xcore-voice solution leverage the processor capabilities through the xcore platform software, providing the building blocks for a wide range of applications.

Leveraging xcore.ai, the third-generation of XMOS’ xcore architecture, xcore-voice deploys the company’s far-field voice processing algorithms in a cost-effective, customisable package. The platform delivers in three key areas:

  • Power: xcore-voice’s low-power architecture minimises power consumption. By offering a true standby mode, xcore-voice delivers the ‘always-on’ functionality required in many modern electronics at <55mW, and in line with EU energy-saving regulations.
  • Performance: while providing XMOS industry proven high-performance, far-field algorithm, xcore-voice enables a flexible voice processing workload in a package that allows for customisation and feature upgrades. Application-specific software components such as tunable algorithms, and core application software components such as FreeRTOS, are readily available to take advantage of.
  • Flexibility: xcore-voice’s combination of general purpose DSP, AI, and IO processing can be customised in software – drastically reducing the time-to-market for custom silicon. Integration pathways have been simplified for designers while still offering a complete, BOM-optimised solution for turnkey integration.

Crucially, the xcore-voice platform provides a natural voice interface that is capable of delivering local command recognition – minimising the need for the cloud that not only enables better user experience through lower latency and enhanced privacy but also further saving cost and power requirements in product designs. This has the potential to unleash a new era of voice-based user experience for the next generation of ‘smart’ electronics.

Given the inherent performance and flexibility of xcore-voice, the platform can be deployed in a myriad of home electronics, including: appliances, smart TVs and soundbars, smart lighting and power switches, fitness machines, consumer toys, and smart home gateways.