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Yaskawa unveils Signature robot range

28 September 2022

OFFERING A low carbon footprint and short lead times, Yaskawa has unveiled its Signature Edition 2022 a series of robots which can be tailored to individual needs.

At its European factory in Slovenia, Yaskawa develops mechatronics and robotic solutions for companies throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the CIS states. This substantial manufacturing capability, combined with having subsidiaries in these regions along with European production sites, means they are located where their customers need them to be.

The Signature range encompasses the GP Series which means there is a model to suit a wide range of applications and requirements including the GP7, GP12, GP20, GP25, GP50, GP88 and the GP180. This represents one of the widest ranges of robots covering payloads of just 7kg and a range of 927mm, up to the performance of the GP180 which has the ability to handle payloads as high as 180kg across a range of 2702mm.

The key benefits of the Signature range of robots are; high accelerations, speed, energy efficiency along with a compact footprint and finished in a distinctive elegant black design. Within the YRC1000 controller a very fast multitasking CPU, an advanced operating system along with the superior Yaskawa Sigma7 high speed servo technology, provide outstanding path performance and advanced functional safety (FSU). With our European factory, we can react to your individual requirements. You get your robots within short delivery times.  

This comprehensive range of robots available under the new Signature branding confirms the status of Yaskawa as being a leading provider of robotic systems covering a broad range of applications including; welding, palletising, handling, packaging, assembly and pick and place.