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New benchmark for UK robot integrators

20 February 2019

British Automation & Robot Association (BARA) has formally announced the launch of the UK’s first robot integrators’ certification scheme in association with leading US trade body, Robot Industries Association (RIA).

With a growing demand for manufacturers to become more competitive due to a reduction in the availability of “low-cost labour” and ever improving workplace safety, more and more companies are looking at how they can automate their production line processes.

Over the past decade, there has been a three-fold increase in the number of robots sold in the UK, with some analysts predicting that the global market for industrial robots could soar to a £30 billion industry by 2025. 

This has prompted the need for BARA to establish an industry benchmark to evaluate robot integrators’ technical knowledge and safety practices.

Mike Wilson, chairman of BARA, said: “RIA represents all that we stand for, so I am delighted that we have agreed a collaborative framework with our North American partner, who have developed the certification programme in the US over many years.

“For the UK, the new robot integrators’ certification scheme will add another layer of credibility for our members who are qualified to fully-integrate one or more robots into a production line.

“It will also offer the end-user peace of mind that the company and integrator they have appointed to undertake the work has both been independently verified carried out the work.

“As things currently stand, anyone can claim to provide systems’ integrator solutions, but that doesn’t necessary mean that they are trained or competent to integrate a robot into a system.

“The robot integrators’ certification scheme has been developed to allow those companies with the appropriate skills and procedures to distinguish their capability by passing a rigorous audit and onsite checks,” he added.

Companies wishing to gain certification under the new RIA / BARA scheme will be able to download an application form from www.bara.co.uk/certification from April 2019.

Upon gaining certification, companies will be eligible to use the RIA / BARA accreditation logo on their on- and off-line display company literature.  Recertification will be required every two years.