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Looking for more insight into factory floor performance?

29 May 2018

If you visited FANUC’s stand at MACH this year, you’ll have noticed the MT-Linki in action, collecting and displaying the performance data of every machine on the stand. Click through for five reasons why you should choose the MT-Linki.

It’s not just for show, though: the MT-Linki can provide valuable insight into your production line’s performance. Here are five reasons why you should consider it:

  1. It provides easy access to, and transfer of, data from factory equipment straight to your PC or tablet, without having to visit the factory floor.
  2. It gives full visibility of all factory equipment, including machine tools, robots and PLCs, using one common platform.
  3. It provides real-time insight into machine performance, including abnormal states, operational results, production results, and other diagnostic data.
  4. It optimises factory resource planning by identifying machines that are under-used.
  5. It’s scalable, and suitable for both small and large system architectures.

Want to know more? Watch our video to see what the MT-Linki could do for you.