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Stainless Motors For Washdown Environments

15 January 2013

Built to meet the demanding requirements of the food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, the Leeson Extreme Duck range of stainless steel washdown motors has been added to the Regal portfolio of electric motors. In the UK they are available through distributor Motovario of Droitwich.

Of encapsulated construction designed to withstand severe washdown and sanitisation regimes, the motors include many innovations and details driven by Leeson’s ‘Voice of the Customer’ design process. Advanced thermal management has allowed the traditional array of cooling fins found on ordinary industrial motors to be designed out, leaving a smooth clean outer surface free of potential dirt and bacteria traps.

The design team has also eliminated completely the use of through-bolts and developed a screw- on conduit box cover to further reduce the potential for trapping contaminants on or within the motors. For a further line of defence, O-ring sealed openings are provided on the conduit box covers and rotor/cartridge covers.

Leeson’s Hydro Sealed System ‘HS2’ protects from the outside-in by reducing the points of entry for contaminants and eliminating the need for drain plugs and breathers. The Q-Car rotor/cartridge seal system gives quick access to the interior of the motor, should the need arise.

Other features include a Protech bearing isolator used for the output shaft seal and a rigid cast base to make Extreme Duck motors rugged enough for the most demanding applications. All Extreme Duck motors are supplied with high performance inverter rated insulation as standard.