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WEG motors & drives power high-efficiency air blowers

22 November 2012

Atlas Copco has chosen W22 high-efficiency electric motors and variable speed drives from WEG to power its latest range of energy-efficient screw blowers.

The 90, 132 and 160kW motors and drives are being used in models from Atlas Copco's ZS range of blowers, supplied for a range of demanding applications including wastewater treatment, food and beverage manufacture and chemical processing.

Blowers, which produce large volumes of air at relatively low pressures – typically from 1 to 4 bar – are a significant consumer of energy in many industrial processes. The Atlas Copco ZS blowers have been designed using a range of improvements that reduce energy consumption by more than 30% compared to traditional designs. These include careful management of airflows through the blower and the selection of highly efficient power and transmission components.

The WEG W22 three-phase motors chosen by Atlas Copco to power the ZS Blowers have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of demanding industrial users, which include reduced energy consumption, increased productivity, extended lifetime and lower maintenance. The frame and cooling system of the motor have been optimised to deliver better airflow to its internal components, for example, improving operating efficiency even in tough environments. Special bearing seals also extend the lifetime of the motor in aggressive conditions by protecting it against the ingress of water and dust.

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