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Individually Controlled Output Channels

15 January 2013

New from Block, the Power Compact range of electronic circuit breakers features a module width of just 42mm with eight electronically protected 24V output channels, each with a maximum rated current of 10A.

Also available, the Power Mini is effectively a ‘little brother’ to the Power Compact and has four channels with identical functionality in compact plastic housing.

Designed for safe switch of high capacitive loads, both Compact and Mini devices provide reliable protection against overload and short circuit. The range offers ample scope for defining the rated current individually for each channel. This results in two significant advantages: a reduction in the amount of product types and, as a result of the integration of up to eight output channels, more space in the wiring cabinet.

The level of the tripping current can be set for each channel using selector switches on the front. High peak starting currents are reliably prevented as the individual outputs are activated in a time-delayed and load-dependent manner.

The circuit breakers can be read and controlled remotely as standard via a PLC or just two digital I/Os. This means individual outputs can be specifically switched from a central location, the status can be queried and error messages analysed. For on- site work, each output features a three-colour LED indicator, as well as an on, off and reset button.